As a certified Shopware partner, we offer you the most advanced E-commerce solutions

With the highest certified developers in our team, we offer you the most advanced E-commerce features for demanding projects. With our best performing solutions such as API automatization, analytics and advanced sales tools you can improve your sales on every level.

Discover Shopware 6

Shopware 6 is the most powerful E-commerce platform to date with more flexibility, less complexity and one technology.

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Are you thinking about a new E-commerce platform? With Shopware 6 platform you can increase the involvement of your customers, you take a head start on the competition and you are guaranteed to increase the conversion. The Shopware 6 platform is even more user-friendly than previous versions and works very intuitively. We can help your organization with the design, implementation and realization of the platform.

Discover the new way to do E-commerce

The most comprehensive e-commerce platform with endless possibilities.

Why is Shopware the Best Choice?

For every business model

  • B2B, B2C and C2C

  • Open and closed environment

  • Free choice in hosting (Cloud or your own solution)

Advanced API solutions

  • Multiple sales channels, one place to manage everything

  • Easy to connect to underlying systems

  • Most user-friendly builder for developers and clients

Possible integrations

  • Sales tools

  • CRM, ERP ...

  • Open source systems

Easy.bi is an official Shopware Partner

Above all we become your partner that helps you from the first steps and we ensure that your Shopware web shop meets your every individual need. The system is suitable for every business model and offer all the flexibility you need.

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Main Shopware 6 functions

The Shopware platform is globally recognized and offers you numerous out-of-the-box functionalities for your international presence and increase of sales.

Shopping Experiences

Endless modules with which you can shape your content for a pleasant online buying experience.

Rule Builder

Flexible creation, management and application of rules. With the Rule Builder you build (central) logic for more complex business models.

B2B functions

Shopware has many solutions specifically for B2B, that can be adjusted per customer.


API-first integrations with the existing systems: ERP, payment systems and many more.

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