How we are revolutionising the self-storage market with STORE ROOM

STORE ROOM is the most modern self-storage solution in Austria. The desired storage space can be booked and accessed with just a few clicks via an app. In addition, the app enables access authorisations for friends or employees and the simple management of storage spaces.

Modern building made out of glass.


Digitisation of the entire self-storage process via an app that enables the customer to organize access authorisations and warehouse management.


With an app based on our ebifacility tool for the automation of properties and rooms, we automate and digitise activities and tasks such as room bookings, access restrictions and the management of properties.


On the basis of our ebifacility tools, we have developed a maintenance management app for the most modern self-storage provider, which STORE ROOM takes over the complete organisation and handling of inventory management with. The users are able to book and manage storage rooms. At the same time, the app includes access automation that allows the user to grant access to friends and / or employees or to simply enter the storage rooms themselves.

Mobile application mockup for StoreRoom.





Ionic, Angular, PHP, Java, WordPress


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