How we help the city of Lübeck to digitise internal processes

Smart City Lübeck is a case study to investigate possibilities and technologies with which the city of Lübeck can be digitized and networked in the long term.

Birdseye view of traffic.


The simple visualization of existing data.


The evaluation of demographic, traffic and location data as well as the inclusion of city-specific sensor data. These are meaningfully linked to the corresponding data (context data) by means of a datalake via FIWARE / CKAN. The data is then visualised with Drupal as a CMS with various data visualisation frameworks.


For the "Smart City Lübeck" case study, we have developed a Drupal-based data visualisation framework that offers those responsible in the City of Lübeck the ability to easily display and evaluate the existing data. With the help of this application, those responsible for the city can identify relationships and derive trends or improvements for individual city areas.

Web interface for the project Lubeck.


Smart Cities



Fiware, Ckan, Drupal


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