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5 ways how digitalization of work orders can help management

Andrej Lovsin
Andrej Lovsin
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December 12, 2023

Technology has brought many benefits to companies, but in the flood of achievable solutions and opportunities, the real challenge is how to choose the right solutions and how to do it effectively. One of the areas where many companies still resort to classics is the area of work orders. For most companies, this is one of the essential parts of the business, but in practice it turns out that many still use work assignments on paper.

This, on the one hand, presents a number of challenges from a practical point of view, as they can get lost, misplaced or illegible quickly, as well as take a lot of time while filling them out. On the other hand, such an approach does not allow company leaders to take a step forward and use technology to gain insight into their business from such a perspective that only technology can provide with its unlimited possibilities and capacities.

For a slightly more thorough insight into the topic and the options available to users in modern times, we will highlight five key benefits of digitizing work orders and point out what you need to pay attention to when choosing the right solution.

  1. The decision to automate significantly shortens the time

User-friendly automation is the future of the digital age, but how it is implemented is very important. It is crucial that it facilitates work on as many levels as possible, reduces the need for paper and eliminates as much manual work as possible. This can be achieved with an appropriate application that allows transparent work planning and distribution of tasks among employees and has an automated list of tasks and work processes that shorten time and reduce the possibility of errors.

  1. Easier and more accurate work planning

With the help of work order automation and their appropriate monitoring and evaluation, management and employees can plan their work as optimally as possible and follow the key information necessary for the timely and efficient completion of work. This has many positive effects at all levels of the company’s business.

  1. Greater traceability and transparency are ensured

Properly selected software simplifies incoming and outgoing tasks by creating a digitally traceable document that shows what needs to be done and how to do it. A work order is essentially a document that is created internally so that the company can assign a specific task to an employee. Since it is not a physical document, it cannot be destroyed, damaged or lost in the field.

  1. Direct editing from anywhere

One of the very important advantages of digitized work orders is that workers can arrange everything they need anywhere and anytime. This is possible both in relation to the client, who can sign the documentation and confirm that the work is done, as well as in the case of the need to communicate with employees in the office.

  1. Limitless availability of information

Using digital work orders eliminates challenges with delays and potential errors. One of the important advantages is that data with a few clicks is available anywhere and anytime, to everyone. It is also possible to process large amounts of data and orders quickly and easily.

What to consider when choosing a suitable solution

Not all organizations in the world are the same and the needs of every work environment depend on various factors, both the size of the company, work processes and activities. It is important to choose customized solutions that are appropriate for your business.

How to overcome the challenges of digitization

It should be borne in mind that the Internet is an integral part of the operation of most business applications, and uninterrupted access to a reliable wireless network is very important, which is not always possible.

It is therefore necessary to choose software that offers the ability to save work tasks to a device with or without an internet connection and wait for further processing or sharing when you gain access to the Internet.

Want a solution in the palm of your hand?

With an understanding of the needs of companies and at the same time with excellent technological knowledge, we have developed the ebiWork solution, which offers all the above advantages and helps you to optimize and upgrade your work processes once and for all.

Andrej Lovsin
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