How we help WeberHaus to digitize internal processes

WeberHaus is one of the largest prefabricated house manufacturers in Germany. The company has been successfully producing prefabricated single and multi-family houses as well as commercial and industrial buildings made of wood for years.

Modern house area with a garden.


The documents are digitised and made available to authorised users via an app or web application.


We developed – based on ebiwork – a field service tool that supports WeberHaus in the efficient planning and execution of orders. This means that WeberHaus can offer exceptional installation, repair or maintenance services. We optimize planning and services by proactively monitoring and collecting field service order requests in one place and increase customer satisfaction. Our application prepares technicians for the requirements by publishing all the necessary information in the application. We increase efficiency by digitising the debriefing of field service orders and thus reduce duplicate manual work.


On the basis of our ebiwork tool, we have implemented an order processing system for WeberHaus. The app is used for digitalisation and optimisation of construction processes from the planning phase to the last day of work. WeberHaus is now in a position to provide all those involved with the construction site reports and wage hour reports promptly.

WeberHaus interface


Prefabricated housing



HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Shopware


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